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Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

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An embassy is the face of a country in a foreign land. A few days ago, I had the privilege of visiting the South African Embassy in Germany. When this building was designed in the early 2000s, the aim was to portray and honour the diversity of the country, as well as to express something of South African hospitality and openness. In my opinion, they managed to achieve both!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration


I have so much admiration for those having to face incredible hardship to escape war and persecution, to give their families a future. And for those working so hard to help.

This museum commemorates the 1.35 million people passing through this centre alone, as they fled from East Germany to West Germany. That situation is over, yet the same scenario plays out again and again, in Germany and around the world.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration