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Beauty for the Soul

Maybe I’m shallow, but this sign makes perfect sense to me. My soul feeds on seeing beautiful things.  In fact, my team even gave me the “Pretty Things Lover Award”! 🙂

There is something very satisfying about being surrounded by beautiful things.  Beautiful doesn’t mean expensive.  And it means different things to different people.  To me, it’s often the patterns and colours that strike a cord and make me smile.

The Alhambra in Granada/Spain.  I was buzzing for literally weeks afterwards.

Tallinn/Estonia (where this picture was taken).  So many beautiful (and often quirky) buildings.  Amazing place!

Closer to home, lots of fun shops in the Gräfekiez in Berlin/Germany, full of beautiful things.

Sometimes I’d like to take a whole shop home and just feast on the colours.  Like with the shops selling Basque table linen in St Jean de Luz/France.  Thankfully I possess enough self discipline to only buy one piece which then reminds me of the whole 😉

I’m thankful for beautiful things for the house and soul, they make my life richer.

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Basque table linen, British Portmeirion pottery and artwork made in Israel by a lovely Dutch friend. 

All coming together on my dining table. 

Love it!