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Words you won’t hear

It is such a comfort

to me,

such a source

of hope

and strength

and daily joy.

It gives me reason

to get up in the morning

and to press on


when I am discouraged

and weak

and lonely

and afraid.

It gives me reason

to face with courage

the struggles within

and the difficulties without.

It reminds me

that I can stand

before You

as I am,

completely unafraid

and ask of You

what I have asked before

and will ask again:

Your forgiveness

and Your help.

What gives me this


What offers me this


It is this one thing.

I know for certain

that there are

two words

that I’ll never hear.

I know that You will never

look me in the eye

and say to me,

“Go away!”

You will not send me

from Your presence.

You will not drive me

from Your grace.

You will not separate me

from Your glory.

You will not eliminate me

from Your promises.

You will never



send me away.

Because Your anger

was borne by Another.

Because my separation

was carried by Him.

Because He was

sent away,

I will never be.

So, in weakness,



and sin,

I stand before you once more

with courage,



and joy,

because I know

that in all the

dark things that

may be whispered to me

in this dark and fallen world

there are two words I will never hear.

And so with gratitude and joy

I get up to face the day

but as I do, I do it

without fear.

(from: a SHELTER in the time OF STORM, paul david tripp)