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It’s only words

Things I will no longer hear:

–       The question “Is it Miss or Mrs”?

–       Shopkeepers calling me “duck” or “love”

Things I will no longer say:

–  “Thanks” every time I get off a bus

– “Sorry” each time I bump into someone  – or they bump into me – or I try to get past someone in a shop – or (just to be safe) any time there is anyone anywhere near me 🙂

15 years ago all those things felt very strange – now I actually miss them!  Funny the things that grow on you…

Two countries divided by a common language

Do I say cell phone or mobile?  Faucet or tap?  Loo or bathroom?  Do I make a point of not using American terms?  Or do I just “go with the flow”, and blend in with the Americans around me?  My poor brain is quite messed up, that’s for sure!