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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

10341975_10152416817711445_8968715486407454732_nIt was a grey, wet day in May and I was exploring the beautiful city of Dresden/Germany.  The Zwinger is a palace built in Rococo style and I was loving the mix of gold, glass and greyish stone.

Suddenly I noticed something extra – the colourful splash of a bright red umbrella!  It added so much to the picture, bringing it to life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

944420_10151641270301445_1795301226_nSplit-second story. Or long agonising hours, waiting…  This time last year, water levels on the River Elbe were rising.  And rising.  And then rising some more.  My friend’s parents live right on the river and it looked like their home would be flooded for the second time in 10 years.

A few of us went down to help fill sandbags. Hundreds of them.  It was all we could do.  Then the waiting began. In the end, their property was safe. Many others were not.

A split-second story, capturing hard work, friendship and the power of nature.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

10300810_10152345872036445_9181357384113652617_nSnapped on the move: having just arrived back from a trip to Hamburg (the Central Bus Station is just out of view), now waiting for the S Bahn to take me home.  Cars whizzing past on the Autobahn next to the train tracks. Looking at the “Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin (ICC Berlin)” and the Funkturm (former radio tower).  People on the move, messages on the move.