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Cherry Blossoms

sl3711351As we admire the beauty of cherry blossoms and then regret their passing in a single storm, we feel the fleeting nature of beauty and a bittersweet sadness at its passing

Thank you for life

Thank you for the gift of every moment

Thank you for every little boy we are allowed to see grow up into a young man

Thank you for this little boy who had to leave us before we could see more than glimpses of the man he would become.  We would have loved to see so much more

You bear our questions, our questioning WHY???. We don’t have to hide our pain. Thank you

Thank you for the everlasting arms

Thank you that one day, there will be no more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain

Thank you that one day, beauty will not pass

Thank you for the legacy of a lovely smile

(In memory of Sam Riddall, 1997-2009)