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Needed: Invisibility cloak!

If I were invisible…

That was the topic at my journaling group this week.  Here are some of my thoughts.

If I were invisible…

I would want to see what things were really like, to look behind the scenes:

~ how do the royal family live their lives?

~ what actually happens at cabinet meetings?

~ what is life like in an African village?  An Indian slum?  An army base in Afghanistan?  The list is endless!


Seeing beyond my own preconceived ideas and beyond what people want me to see.  Understanding.

Being invisible in a crowd

Standing back, forgetting about myself, just observing.  I start seeing people as individuals, not defined by how they impact me.


The person who gets in my way and stops me walking at my own pace becomes a mum, struggling with a pushchair and a young child.   I pray for patience and love as she looks after and nurtures her kids.


The guy who annoys me by talking very loudly on his mobile, showing how “important” he is.  I wonder what kind of pressure he is under at work.  What fear of failure and rejection he might live with.  Lord, let him know the peace and security that is found in knowing your love.


The young Turkish guys on the U-Bahn who intimidate me because I don’t understand what they’re saying and can’t read their culture.  What are their lives like – straddling two cultures, caught in the middle?  Lord, let them find their identity in you.


So often I’m at the centre of my own universe, way too visible to myself.  Other people become extras in my play.


Becoming invisible to myself because I am 100% seen by God.

My “life is now hidden with Christ in God” (Col 3:3)

So – anyone have an invisibility cloak I could borrow?