228370_18904511444_9988_nTaken somewhere along the Antrim coast, Northern Ireland

This was a tough one!  I tried playing around with my camera but none of the results were particularly convincing.  So here is a picture taken a few years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds



Symmetry around a sundial.  Pirna town hall (near Dresden, Germany)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


603248_10151185578241445_624592949_nOther boats and even buildings dwarfed by a rather large yacht in Trogir/Croatia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

1904265_10152526614076445_8132991847470945182_nBookshop in Budapest.  Depth in more ways than one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

IMG_1345I’m not entirely sure what these people were protesting for or against but I am very thankful to be living in a country where they can express themselves freely – even right outside the parliament building (see below)!

IMG_1346Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself



Nothing more serenity-inducing than being by the sea!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

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Christmas Party venue looking even more atmospheric in these “shadowy shots” than it was in reality.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed


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