11831748_10153472139606445_8977931720986113251_nThe passage of time… Abandoned tractor near Grange Stone Circle in Ireland

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

On a cold, grey, wet weekend in January I needed this reminder that colour, light and warmth do exist!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant



Spotted across Europe.

Graffiti inside the Reichstag in Berlin, dating back to 1945

Butcher’s shop on Samos/Greece

Ogham stone in Killaloe, Ireland

Inside an air raid shelter at Tempelhof Airport/Berlin

Alhambra in Granada/Spain


Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

A Rugby player appearing weightless as he is lifted up by two of his team mates in this statue at Shannon airport, commemorating a weighty day for Irish Rugby.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)




Near The O2 in London

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle



Evening in St Paul’s Bay, Malta, and the boats have gathered in the little harbour.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering



This is what happened when I accidentally took a picture while moving my camera… I actually like the result but it certainly wasn’t planned.

At Weymouth harbour in the UK.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops


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