Home is a place that is familiar and comforting, and it gives us a sense of belonging. Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.

Lots of my Berlin life happens in this place. You can’t see much of the space, nor the people in it. But I see the little vase, the distinctive frosting on the window, the tea light – and instantly know where this is. And feel at home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Local



Hanging out on the water… not somewhere quiet in the countryside, but on the Vlatva River, right in the centre of Prague. Surrounded by all types of tourists boats – but they didn’t care!

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O



Old fashioned rides and goodies at a pumpkin festival in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


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The Berlin Marathon, I’m sure, is the story of many thousands of personal quests. From Kenenisa Bekele who (according to the press) was aiming for the world record (which he missed by 6 seconds), to so many stories most of us will never hear. Some might be so personal that they’ll never be shared, others will be told and retold to family and friends.

Whatever their quest might have been – “You’re all heroes!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest


Penguins on (the) edge in Prague, outside Museum Kampa.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge



Budapest is full of stunningly beautiful old buildings, as well as trendy modern shops and restaurants. It is rare, however, to see a throwback to 30 years ago or so. I spotted this sign while changing buses in some insignificant side street.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare



Such fun introducing friends to a favourite place, and see them fall in love with it as well! In this case: Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest at sunset.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!