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Ending Well


This is an amazing resource for anyone preparing to move back to their passport country! Ellen Rosenberger takes you into her and her family’s story of returning to the US, while also giving lots of really practical tips for doing transition well. Combining the two does not always work well but it very much does here!  I particularly enjoyed all the very creative ideas for saying goodbye well, and then (re-)engaging with the new place! The book also includes very useful lists of resources and action points both for those transitioning and for those welcoming them back. Highly recommend it!

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Citizen of the World

A love letter to Europe and to the world



Citizen of the world

Looking for a place called home

Citizen of the world

In a place I’m proud to roam

Here’s a song for all of us who love this crazy world and despair of it in equal measure…

And for those of us who left pieces of their heart in many different places and struggle to know where home is…


Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash