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The TV tower. You can see it from almost anywhere in Berlin and it looks so different as the light changes and depending on what you capture it next to.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

11151070_10153285794071445_8817945666374350281_nBi-lingual signs at train stations (or anywhere else, for that matter) is not something you see very often in Germany. Yet this is what I spotted from the train en route to Görlitz. This is a part of the country where Sorbs live, and their language is officially recognised and protected as a minority language – one of only four!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

IMG_1805Görlitz is a small town in the former East Germany, right on the Polish border. Much of it has been beautifully restored but in between, there are a large number of houses still broken from years of neglect.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken


Brandenburg Gate in Berlin enveloped by beautiful roses during the Festival of Lights in October 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped


Something I discovered right outside my living room window, when lifting up an overturned flower pot. Dainty and fragile but what a force of nature nonetheless! Here’s hoping they make it!

And one of the parents – another force of nature!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

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The Frauenkirche in Dresden, painstakingly rebuilt 50 years after being destroyed in WW2. The intricate way they combined the old and the new is breathtaking!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate


Small boat on the river Elbe in Hamburg. December 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

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