I walk down this road most days. Today, I was stopped in my tracks by this heart-shaped puddle.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken



Summer + Greek island + beach + good book + me = a good (even perfect) match

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match



After many years, a lot of scandal and against all the odds, Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie was completed towards the end of 2016, and looks stunningly beautiful – even on a very grey December day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds



Kilfenora, The Burren, Ireland

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


In a restaurant in Budapest

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful



Mural in Quin, Ireland

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


Few things say “anticipation” more than a packed suitcase, ready to go! The promise of new adventures, of favourite places revisited. Escaping routine, being reunited with loved ones, and so much more!

And no, this is not the suitcase I use for travelling 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation


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