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Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

Spotted across Europe.

Graffiti inside the Reichstag in Berlin, dating back to 1945

Butcher’s shop on Samos/Greece

Ogham stone in Killaloe, Ireland

Inside an air raid shelter at Tempelhof Airport/Berlin

Alhambra in Granada/Spain


Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

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If you can’t beat them…

(This was written at Journaling Group, on the topic of “When – and how – did I last surprise myself?”)

Being the only non-American (until very recently) on my team of 17, I have spent much of the past year making a point of defining myself as just that – the one who is NOT American, who doesn’t care about college football, the one who refuses to call “autumn” “fall”, etc etc

Then along came the 4th of July, and the team decided to celebrate by having a BBQ at Tempelhof (very symbolic as super important during the Berlin Airlift.  Read more here).  I debated whether to go or not –  I’d had a busy day and therefore would have had a good excuse – but decided to go for just a couple of hours.  Well, I ended up staying for 6 hours and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Even the crazy “American flag” tights a couple of the girls were wearing were fun 🙂

Maybe after a year of being different, it is now time for the “If you can’t beat them, join them” approach!

Here’s me going for the “red, white and blue” look.   The very English t-shirt making my attempt at joining in somewhat ambiguous.  Yup, sounds about right.