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An Activity To Help Returnees Bloom (at SPS)

Earlier this week, I was over at Small Planet Studio, sharing about a fun activity that helps you process major transitions:

Any gardeners among us?

I’m definitely not one! But I’ve got a fun and meaningful gardening and transition related activity that I think you’ll enjoy – whether or not you enjoy gardening!

Why don’t we go ahead and do this activity together right now? 

As I explain how to facilitate the activity, I’ll share a few snippets of my own reflections in italics.


Continue reading at Small Planet Studio!

2 thoughts on “An Activity To Help Returnees Bloom (at SPS)

  1. nice, Bayta!  good analogy.  I certainly had similar feelings when I retired from Disney… my nearly entire adult identity associated with this great company adored by billions of people worldwide.  Why would I leave voluntarily?  But it was the right move, into a pot of my own making. 


    1. Thanks, Sarah! Definitely, most of the dynamics are very similar with any major transition, doesn’t have to be an international move! Glad you feel it was the right decision!

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