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Social Media, Lent and Literary Citizenship {Velvet Ashes}

How fun to be reminded of my own thoughts from almost a year ago in a post by Melanie Weldon-Soiset over on Velvet Ashes, offering a very interesting perspective on social media!


“In hindsight, I see how my ad-posting friend was practicing a certain form of citizenship. God taught me new delights and duties of denizenship after my five years in China. Many Christians, including Amy Young here on Velvet Ashes, have also explored what it means to be a good citizen. What should our proper posture be to citizenship in God’s Kingdom, and to the countries of our passports, postal addresses, and passions? As Bayta Schwarz observed after she took part in a volunteer day planting flowers in a local park, “beyond passports and visas, I realized I started to feel like a citizen of this place when I began to be invested beyond my little niche.’ 

Read the whole post here.


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