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A quiet moment at the end of the day. Sitting in my almost dark living room, by the light of the tree. Disconnected from the world, it’s a moment of stillness, a moment to just be. Not even reflecting, just being still, giving myself a moment to arrive in the here and now.

Not reading the latest news, whether global or from friends and family. Not distracting myself. Just enjoying the beauty of the tree, of the lights. Getting caught up in the wonder of the season.

The stillness of this moment brings peace into all that’s happened today. Fun times with friends. Stressful times on public transport. Information coming at me from everywhere. Cares and concerns that weigh on my heart and soul.

Stillness. A gift I don’t give myself often enough.


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5 thoughts on “Still

  1. Lovely Bayta. I think we all tend not to give ourselves this precious gift of just being. Maybe this can encourage me to do so!
    Love Gabrielle

    1. Thank you so much, dear Gabrielle! I don’t manage it every day, but I do love a quiet moment at the end of the day, with just the light of the tree for company. No internet, no phone, no telly. So precious!

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