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Memories Are Made Of This

texting_2416309b“I’m on the train ahead of yours.  I’ll meet you at Potsdam station.”

Just before Christmas, I was on the U Bahn and didn’t have anything to read with me.  So I decided to go through my phone and delete old messages.

This was one of the more poignant ones.  It was from a good friend (who incidentally I was on my way to meet up with).  She sent it back in August, when we had arranged to go and see a mutual friend, who was suffering from a debilitating illness.  All those weeks ago, we had found her in a better state then we had expected and were able to take her for a walk in her wheelchair.  Just a few hours before re-reading that text message, I’d heard that our friend in Potsdam had passed away the previous day.  In the midst of the sadness (as well as thankfulness that her suffering is now over), it was good to remember that lovely summer’s afternoon.

Memories are made of this.

There were other messages that made me smile.  Like several texts going back and forth as a friend and I were trying to meet up in Tallinn (Estonia).  One of them read something like “I’m standing right in the middle of the square” (implying “how can you not see me???”).  Neither of us knew the city well and it turned out we had different ideas of which of the many squares was “Freedom Square”.  We did manage to find each other in the end and had a lovely time in a cafe!

Memories are made of this.

Some texts become more significant in hindsight.  For example a friend telling me she’d see me at a certain event.  Where she ended up also meeting a young man she in now in a relationship with!

Memories are made of this.

Those seemingly insignificant little texts, calls, messages of various kinds, that make up the fabric of our lives.


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