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Singapore is the least emotional country in the world.  The Philippines top the list.  Emotions galore there!  All this according to a survey by the Gallup polling firm. You can read all about it in this Washington Post article.

How do you measure emotion???  From reading the description of the survey, it seems to me they were measuring expression of emotion, rather than emotion as such.

What a cultural minefield!  In some countries/cultures, the expression of emotion is valued and encouraged.  In others, it’s all about not betraying any emotion.  Concerning Singapore, the article describes “a culture in which schools “discourage students from thinking of themselves as individuals.””

A few of these finding are particularly intriguing.

“Post-Soviet countries are consistently among the most stoic. (…) They are also the greatest consumers of cigarettes and alcohol.”  Stoic, maybe.  It’s fascinating to speculate why that is.  How much is the culture still shaped by the 70 years of oppression, and the fear of betraying anything that could cause trouble with the authorities?  Stoic, but definitely not without emotion!  In fact, lots of very deep emotion.  Just not expressed in the way it is in some other countries.

“Negative emotions are highest in the Middle East and North Africa, with Iraq, Bahrain, and the Palestinian Territories leading the world in negative daily experiences.”  Sad.

And Germany and Italy in the same bracket?  Really???

Would love to hear what you think!

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