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Right next door, yet worlds apart

UBahnWestUBahnOstTwo maps of public transport systems.  Two cities.  Yet one city.

Two maps, telling so many stories.  Stories of parting, of sadness, of denial.  Stories of a city cut in half.

At the top, West Berlin.  The East isn’t mentioned but you can see where the wall runs.  And you can see the lines that run through East Berlin.  The ghost stations, where trains didn’t stop.  Eerie.  Bringing home the reality of the world beyond the wall.

Then the East Berlin U Bahn map.  “Berlin (West)” reduced to a sliver, almost invisible.  It’s almost as if the nearly 2 million people living there didn’t exist.

Two maps, two cities.  Until 9 November 1989.

And now?  Now it looks something like this:

S_U-Bahnnetz_1024X768One city.  No indication of so many years of separation.  At least on the U Bahn map.

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