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How can the thought of spring not conjure up images of those first warm days, of nature coming back to life?  And autumn – beautiful colours, and grey November fog.

Seasons.  They’re so deeply engrained, so much part of the flow of life.

Not for everyone.  So many parts of the world don’t have distinct seasons.  This is one aspect of culture I had not thought about much, never having lived outside of Europe.  Yet today, my Brazilian friend (living in Germany) was telling me that when someone talks about, say, spring, she literally has to think something like:”Spring, ok, that’s March/April/May time, so it’ll be starting to get a bit warmer. ” It’s not second nature to her.  She is used to the weather being relatively stable all year round.  You don’t have to take seasons into account when you book something way ahead of time.  Fascinating!

Seasons.  So important as a framework for our year for some of us.  Pretty much irrelevant to others.

I love all this stuff!


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