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Distant Shores

Doodlemum has done it again – capturing a childhood memory of mine in one of her drawings:

Can you hear the sea?

Holidays by the sea.  Putting a shell to my ear.  The magic of hearing the ocean.  Where have these waves been?  What shores have they touched?

Fernweh.  My young mind didn’t know about the cost of travelling, the difficulties in obtaining visas, the sheer tediousness of hanging around in airports.  All I knew was that there was a world out there that was waiting to be explored.  That was calling me.  Butterflies in my stomach.  No real idea what there was but longing to find out.
There is still so much I haven’t seen.  Yet I’m thankful for all the places I’ve had the privilege of exploring.  And I still hear the call.

Can YOU hear the sea?

PS No, I’m not the least bit interested in scientific explanations!  To me, the magic is real!

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