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A Fresh Start

For weeks, the pavements had been blissfully empty. This morning, as I was walking down the street near my apartment, there they were again – groups of teenagers outside the local school.   Then I remembered – it was the first day of school after the summer holidays.

The first day back.  Every year, that felt like a fresh start.  Different teachers, maybe some new subjects.  The successes and failures of last year were forgotten.  Things seemed new and exciting.

Some friends I’d spent time with over the holidays, but there were many others who I’d not seen in six weeks.  On day 1, it felt good to see them all.

After a few days, the novelty wore off and reality set in again.  No, I wasn’t suddenly good at Physics.  Even new teachers set home work.  And that boy who was so annoying last year?  Well, he is still annoying.

But for a few short days, it really was a clean slate, a fresh start.


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