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…we believe in friendship and tasty hot water…

How many favourite cafes am I allowed to have?  I have just discovered a new one to add to the list!  Princess Cheesecake on Tucholskystrasse in Berlin-Mitte is amazing!

How did I even miss this street for so long???  So many cute shops, restaurants and cafes!  We were headed to Princess Cheesecake though, a place we’d read about and had been wanting to check out for some time.

I loved it the minute I walked in.  Everything is so pretty.  And civilised.  I love pretty.  And civilised.  Particularly when it’s also friendly and relaxed, which this place is.

This does not do the cake selection justice.  It was incredible!  I wanted to get one of each.  Sadly not possible.  This is what I went for in the end and it was super yummy:

…we believe in friendship and tasty hot water…

…is what it says on the back of their menu and I loved that!  It was indeed a great place to hang out with three lovely friends!  I only discovered later that this is the motto of the company that supply the gazillion (roughly) different kinds of tea the cafe offer.  The names of the teas were funny, I’ll give them that, but most of them were herbal teas which I don’t much like.  So I opted for Darjeeling.  Not bad, but Germany and tea just don’t go together, not after 15 years in Britain.  I will keep importing my tea and next time I’m at Princess Cheesecake (which hopefully won’t be long!), I’ll have coffee.

Did I say I loved the place? 🙂

Please note: None of the photos are my own (they’re way too good for that…), they are from Princess Cheesecake’s Facebook page!

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