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Losing Wisdom, Gaining Gratitude

Another bit of wisdom disappeared this week.  Well, maybe not wisdom as such, but a couple of days ago, I had to have a wisdom tooth removed.

Not fun, and I’ve had my moments of feeling sorry for myself.  Though it’s all gone really well, there has of course been a certain level of pain and discomfort.

Yet somehow, mostly I have felt thankful and slightly humbled.

Thankful that I could have this necessary procedure done by a skilled dental surgeon, in a hygienic environment, with as many injections as were necessary to get rid of any pain.

Thankful that I am able to rest and recover in a comfortable home, with friends to look after me and an ice pack and pain killers at hand.

Thankful that I don’t need to worry about paying any bills for this procedure.

Thankful, but also humbled.

Humbled because that kind of medical care is something most people can only dream of.  Not just people in the past (and I am very thankful not to have been treated by the Roman dentist in this video 🙂 [from Horrible Histories on the BBC – love it!]), but also most people alive today.

Humbled because there is nothing fair about it.

Humbled because I have done absolutely nothing to deserve such privilege.

Humbled because so often I take it all for granted.

Humbled, but for now also very, very thankful.

Maybe I have actually gained a bit of wisdom?

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