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Only From Afar

Diamond Jubilee Weekend!

I watched the pomp and circumstance – no one does this quite as well as the British.

A – M – A – Z – I – N – G

I watched the bunting, the street parties – everyone celebrating!  So much fun!

I even watched the British weather.  Oh dear…

I watched it all.  But only from afar.  Only on television.  And on Facebook.  I wasn’t part of it.  And that hurt.  A lot.

Most of the time, life just trundles along.  There are dramatic events (good and bad) in individual lives but for a nation as a whole, things just go on.

Some events hog the headlines for a while, but then they’re forgotten.

And then there are events that provide a focal point, that bring people together.  Reality with all its different facets will be back soon enough.  But for this brief moment, we celebrate all that is good.

These events become part of the national folklore, they somehow change a nation a little bit.  They provide a shared experience that otherwise we don’t have very often.

It seems the Diamond Jubilee is just such an event for the UK, my adopted home.  And I missed it.  Another step away from truly belonging there.

That made me very homesick.


PS The Queen agrees with me on the significance of the event: “The Queen has spoken of events to mark her Diamond Jubilee as a “humbling experience” which she hoped would “brighten our lives for many years to come”.”

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