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I love colours and I love patterns.  But there is one colour that warms my heart more than any other.  It might technically be called lilac, but to me it’ll always be lavender.  Seeing it, instantly transports me back to the south of France and lovely holidays among the lavender fields and the picturesque villages.

I can almost hear the music and voices drifting down from the bar further up the hill as I sit out on the patio late on a beautiful summer’s evening.

I can taste the wine, the olives, the fresh baguette, the tarte au citron.

All this is evoked just by seeing the colour of lavender flowers.  No wonder the heart above hangs on my living room door.  I get to see it often there!

On a completely different note, the colour also reminds me of the large lavender plant I had in my garden in Birmingham. Not a plant that belongs in the Midlands but one that was thriving in this foreign soil, adding something special and unique by its very foreignness.

What a great image of a life lived in foreign lands.  Never totally becoming part of it, yet adapting to the new soil.   And in it all thriving and enriching what’s there.


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