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Food, Glorious Food!


Just a little glimpse into my foody week!  What an eclectic mix:

* introducing my friend Helen to some very German delicacies

* enjoying brunch at one of my favourite cafes with some of my favourite Berlin friends

* Afghan food – wow! Some things reminded me of my many visits to Balti houses across Birmingham.  Others of sitting in Rima’s house and eating her amazing food.  And of my favourite Iranian restaurant in Brum.  Makes sense I guess.  They are all neighbours, after all.

* exploring the (mostly Turkish) market at Maybachufer.  The sights, smells and flavours are something else!  In a good way!

* spring was in town for a few days, my local ice cream place is open again – what a perfect excuse (as if I needed one…) for my first ice cream of the season.  Cantaloupe melon and green tea.


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