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Yay for Berlin cafés!

I love Berlin cafés!  And I love the fact that I get to spend a lot of time in them – and call it work!

There is the ever popular Brezel Company (, just around the corner from where some of the team live.  It’s almost like a second home!  More often than not you bump into someone from the team there

Becoming one of my favourites is Café Bilderbuch ( in Schöneberg.  Maybe because I have so far always managed to get the really comfy seats 🙂   Almost like being at home – with the added bonus of very yummy food!  Eiweissschock – sooo good!

And a couple of new ones this week.

For a trip to the Mediterranean without leaving Berlin: Knofi Café ( on Bergmannstrasse.  Their tzatziki and hummus are both really good!  And there is so much to look at; I love the way they display their goods.

And a really lovely not-overly-studenty place near the FU campus: Aux Delices Normands (  Amazing breakfast!

One thought on “Yay for Berlin cafés!

  1. Ahhh, now you’re renewing my desire to visit Berlin! I think Dave might feel the same if you posted about Berlin pubs, but cafe’s do it for me! They look great! x

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