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The River

Day to day pours forth speech, 
and night to night declares knowledge.
(Ps 19:2)

The day comes, the day goes.  I walk through it, ticking things off my list.  Enjoying some, annoyed by others.  Mostly not even noticing.  What remains?

Trying to recall the Little Moments of Joy, and finding I remember very few.

“Day to day pours forth speech”.  It’s shouting all around me.  Declaring glory in the beauty of a sunset sky, and in the intricacy of a tiny flower.  Speaking of joy in the smile of a child.  Singing of love in a kind gesture.

It’s pouring forth but I’m not listening, too wrapped up in my own little world to notice.

Let me open my ears, my eyes, my heart.  Let me get caught up in the river flowing all around me – day pouring forth to day, night declaring to night.

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