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Enjoying the Moment


A small, fragile butterfly on the bush next to me, soaking up the rays of the sun.

Birds flitting about, from tree to bush to bird feeder and back again.  Sometimes bickering, sometimes playful.  They make me smile.

Leaves turning on the tree I sit under.  Some still green, some yellow, some brown.  And some fallen already.

The in-between time.  Glimpses of summer still here, yet more and more signs of the autumn that’s on its way.  The sun still warm, but when it goes in, there is a chill in the air.  Memories of what was, anticipation of what is to come.

Lord, I praise you as the God of summer and of autumn.  Light, warmth, abundance of colour are yours.  The sheer exuberance of nature.

Endings, changing seasons, rest are yours.

The darkness, when nothing much seems to be happening is yours.  You’re still at work, creating, restoring – ready for a new burst of life in spring.

(Written during a retreat day, 1 October 2009)


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