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Strolling through the camp

Deuteronomy is proving to be a lot more fascinating than I had expected!  Just when you think you’re just battling your way through a series of rules (necessary, but not that interesting) a verse like this pops up:

For the LORD your God walks throughout your camp to protect you and deliver your enemies to you; so your encampments must be holy. He must not see anything improper among you or He will turn away from you. (Deut 23:14)

Ok, so the context of this verse is all about bathroom etiquette (to put it delicately).

But isn’t it just amazing that God wants to walk among them, like He did with Adam and Eve in the garden?  They were a very long way from the innocence and purity of that time.  As are we.  And yet God wants to be close us, to walk with us.   Even if it costs Him everything. 

 At noon the sky became extremely dark. The darkness lasted three hours. At three o’clock, Jesus groaned out of the depths, crying loudly, “Eloi, Eloi, lama

But Jesus, with a loud cry, gave his last breath. At that moment the Temple curtain ripped right down the middle. When the Roman captain standing guard in front of him saw that he had quit breathing, he said, “This has to be the Son of God!”

(Mark 15: 33-34 and  37-39)


Thank you, Lord.


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