10015163_10152319450376445_8380981034049890117_nTrees on top, in Platja d’Aro, Costa Brava, Spain

1779218_10152231050961445_803043737_nThe funny thing about monuments is that they are so familiar, so much part of the landscape.  Yet so often, what they were meant to commemorate is so far removed as to be virtually forgotten.

Berlin is full of history.  The Siegessäule (in the background, built 1873) commemorates various Prussian victories.  Prussia is no longer even a country!  Or anything, really.  And with all that’s happened in German history since then, anything remotely nationalistic is a definite no-no.

Yet “Goldelse” (as Berliners affectionately call her) is as much part of Berlin life now as she was then.  History might be forgotten, monuments remain and take on a new and different significance.

215828_10401266444_8186_nThis time of year, all of England turns into a garden filled with daffodils.  Love it!  This picture was taken near Baddesley Clinton in the West Midlands.

284602_10150277811326445_5634836_nOh how tempting is anything we’re not supposed to do…

Spotted outside a pharmacy in Leon/France.  Love the look of shock and delight on the little boy’s face :-)

341_30116306444_570_nReflection of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham/UK framed by a bird bath.

255513_10151185568706445_2111749175_nWhile we were going off on a boat trip, some people still had to work in the small Croatian fishing port of Seget (near Trogir)

IMG_0268Tracks on the ice ring at a Christmas market in Berlin/Germany

299375_10150324991411445_523178524_nLooking through my photos of these “Buddy Bears” that I had taken a couple of years ago or so in Berlin, I came across this one for the Central African Republic.  It seemed deeply symbolic to me – tears on the bear of a country going through immense suffering at the moment.

For more on the United Buddy Bears project, click here.

1236770_10151862179311445_1797765930_nThe scent of lavender by a pool in the beautiful (and hot!) south of France. 

Nothing speaks to me more of summer, sun, rest,…


Rieux-Volvestre, France

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