This was a hard one!  I eventually ended up with the premise of one day writing a book along the same lines as this blog.  Here’s an idea for the book cover – a collage of United Buddy Bears, representing countries and cultures important to me.  Pictures taken at the exhibition in Berlin 2011.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art


200143_10150130520391445_4287662_nFluffy clouds and the Reichstag building “inside” the Paul-Löbe-Haus along the river Spree in Berlin/Germany

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

10646623_10152724454646445_1938082922788409819_nDreamy summer (not really – this was taken in early October :-) ) afternoon in the park and a little boy dreaming of playing the guitar just like his dad.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

10620813_10152678091716445_4945473537535841200_nSlightly eerie looking building on the main street in  Pythagoreio on Samos (Greece).  Well, eerie looking in this light.  What you can’t see are all the tourists strolling down the street and the locals sitting on front of their houses, chatting.  Nothing eerie about the scene beyond this snapshot. :-)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

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What an incredible example of endurance!  The Frauenkirche in Dresden was completely destroyed during the bombing raids of February 1945 and then painstakingly restored from 1993 onwards, using as many of the original pieces as possible.  Someone described it as the largest jigsaw puzzle ever!

Today, it is a stunningly beautiful church and a major tourist attraction.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

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On a recent trip to Samos/Greece, I was struck by people just getting on with normal life while tourists (myself included!) were being – well, tourists – all around them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity


66925_446010691444_6381355_nHarvest festival at Domäne Dahlem in Berlin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

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